About Us

About Us

Center for Basic Research in Psychology (CIBPsi)

The Center for Basic Research in Psychology is an academic structure of the Faculty of Psychology that permanently brings together a group of staff members, mainly scholar of different faculties (e.g., Psychology, Biology, Medicine, Communication, Chemistry), graduate and posgraduate students of the Universidad de la República, and national and international collaborators, in order to develop innovative and useful ideas for the development of society. As researchers coming from different disciplines, our goal is to achieve a better understanding of the basic mechanisms of the human mind by conducting research in an interdisciplinary way with a strong experimental approach.

The Center manages the Psychophysics and Psychophysiology laboratories of the Faculty of Psychology. These are equipped with two eye trackers, a 64-channel electroencephalogram, latency recording equipment, and physiological recording equipment for peripheral measurements (more information about our facilities and ongoing research can be found in the sidebar).
If you are interested in visiting us or if you would like to participate as a participant, please click on the "Contact" tab at the top of our website.

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