About Us

About Us

Center for Basic Research in Psychology (CIBPsi)

The Center is located in the Faculty of Psychology (UdelaR) and includes researchers from the Departments of Psychology, Sciences, Engineering, and Chemistry. Our main goal is to develop innovative and useful ideas to address problems that affect different sectors of society. As researchers that come from a myriad of disciplines, we aim at gaining a better understanding of basic mechanisms of the human mind through conducting research with a strong experimental approach in an interdisciplinary manner.

The Center includes a Psychophysics lab and Psychophysiology lab which are equipped with two eye-trackers, a 64 channel EEG, and physiological recording equipment for peripheral measures (you can find more details about our facilities and ongoing research on the sidebar).

If you are interested in visiting us or if you would like to take part as a participant please click on the "Contact Us" tab on the top of our website.

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